The University of Bonn was founded almost 200 years ago and is considered to be one of Germany's and indeed Europe's most important institutes of higher education. As home of learning to over 27,000 students, They enjoy an outstanding reputat

Rich in tradition As the oldest technical university in Germany, founded in 1825, the profile of Universität Karlsruhe is determined primarily by the technical and natural sciences as well by engineering. These academic disciplines are a

The predecessor of the University of Amsterdam, the Athenaeum Illustre, was founded in Amsterdam in 1632 to educate students in Trade and Philosophy. Lessons were generally given at the professors' homes, as the establishment was not yet a pr

Karolinska Institutet was founded in the period between 1810 and 1811 as a training center for army surgeons. The original name was at first 'Medico-Chirurgiska Institutet'.
In 1817 the prefix 'Karolinska' was added as a reference to 'Ka

Utrecht University was opened on March 26th, 1636. The inaugural speech was held by influential professor of theology Gisbertus Voetius. Bernardus Schotanus, professor of law and mathemetics, was the university's first rector magnificus. Init

Uppsala University (Swedish: Uppsala universitet) is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden and one of the top universities in northern Europe. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in the Nordic countries, and has been one of Europe

The French International Culinary Academy in the south of France.
The Summer Programs starting from 29th May until 24th of July 15 days or 1 month including lodging + 3 hours French cooking per day. Lodging in apartment with one twin bed

In the Middle Ages began to appear the so-called general studies ( studii ), institutions would be the future universities. The centers that had the category of "general studies" were founded by the pope, emperor or king, and must have a facu

Since its inception in 1868, TUM has established its reputation as a foremost academic institution with 6 Nobel prizes and many other prestigious awards, making it repeatedly the number one German university in various rankings, including the

LMU Munich is one of the leading research universities in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long tradition.They build upon their success in the Excellence Initiative, a Germany-wide competition promoting top-level university research, to enha

The University of Oslo (Norwegian: Universitetet i Oslo, Latin: Universitas Osloensis) is the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in Norway, situated in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.It was founded in 1811 as The Royal Frederick U

The Juries of València -registered and organic government institution created by King Jaume I in 1245 with the aim of administering, governing and ruling the city of València- compiled the studies dependent on the city and the c

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