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British Universities Announced Scholarships for Indian Students
British Universities are giving opportunities to Indian Students, they offering scholarships to woo their Indian Counterpart.
A first of its kind survey conducted by London University International Partnership (LUIP) and carried  on 17 universities in Great Britain has found that in total an average of Rs 250 million (2.5 million Pound) has been awarded to students each year from India and over Rs 700 million (7million Pound) over the last three years, a daily has reported.
The British Council recently announced the biggest number of scholarships in India ever launched in a year by offering 370 scholarships worth almost 1 million pound across UK universities.
The LUIP Alumni Survey found that studentS from Mumbai and Delhi (NCR) around 24 percent and 19 percent in UK. Academic disciples chosen by the survey respondents are varied. A majority, around 31 per cent, of them studied business, 26 per cent studied Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), 19 per cent studied Arts & Humanities, 17 per cent studied Social Sciences, and 6 per cent studied Health & Medicine.
Britain's stance on migration however is increasingly putting hurdles for Indian students in exploring opportunities there.
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