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WE have set MediTECH not only as an institute where you just pick up a few educational enhancements and walk out and face the basic institute where you have to pick up your degrees and you draw a blank face and enable make a success story of your self. But an institute where emphasis is on to imbibe what education need to teach you apart from your degree be it Medical or Engineering a place where you learn the basics of education & the contentuous values of education which most of the highly educated are zero. Therefore we at MediTECH are going to shape your future that is in your hands, so that tomorrow when you join the concerned premier institutes for your educational degrees your basic in depth knowledge comes in handy. And when you pass out in flying colors you do that institut

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Every student must appear for tests, which are held from time to time, with full preparation.

Provide an assessment of the state of your preparedness at any point to time.

Performance can throw up valuable feedback that in turn can be used to im

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When it comes to the basic the initial first step has to be firm . The other steps to the top always follow you. And you dont crumble down.

Therefore, we at MediTECH will help you to have your feet firm while with us what follows thereafter is success stories to haunt you as you keep the MediTECH flag fluttering high with pride.

Our basics are well defined. Discipline leads to commitment, which takes you over to the toughest goals. And the cumulative effort put together helps you to achieve them.

Hence we have designed some fringe benefits for MediTECHians to pass out with flying colors. The target is achievable but the dedication to get it has to be 100%. Now your young career oriented future of India hold your hearts to read whats there for the

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Name mohit
Contact No +91(161) 2673 861 - 62 - 63
Fax +91(161) 2673 767
Address SCF 15, Urban Estate, Phase II, Focal Point, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana - 10 Punjab, India., Ludhiana, Punjab
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