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Avigna Learning
Year of Establishment 2003
Institute Description

Have you wanted to speak your mind out to your boss but couldn’t?Are you confident during a presentation and are you able to put across what you intend to?Are you nervous while giving an interview?Do you feel that you always follow what others say but nobody ever listens to you?Are you shy, inhibited and embarrassed to expose your shortcomings?Do you have to unlearn many years of bad pronunciation and sentence structures?Above all, do you feel that you are a terribly slow learner as compared to others or your school days?
If this is stopping you, then, you have found the right place!!!
We don’t want to boast that we are the best in the industry.
Statistics speaks for itself…we opened our office doors to the public in June 2006 and within six months had

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Full Time
Full Time
Full Time
Full Time
Full Time
Full Time
Full Time
Top Faculty

Our trainers have created the course curriculum as well as training methodology. At AVIGNA LEARNING, each one of us, is able to customize our course content to suit your level and pace of learning. For corporate offices, we can customize our content to suit your comp

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Contact Details
Name Anuradha Ramachandran
Contact No +91 80 2658 8910 / 911
Address Avigna Learning 54, 2nd floor Opp Bank of Maharastra 15th Cross, II phase 100 ft Ring Road, J P Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 078
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