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The Institute has produced wonderful results in the last 20 years and has made its presence felt not only in every corner of Delhi but throughout India. Needless to say, this all could be possible only due to blessings of the almighty, proper planning at the institute, sharp implementation of the planning, taking timely feed back from students regarding their level of satisfaction at the institute and follow up action to plug the shortcoming pointed out by the students from time to time.

In 20 years of its existence, Aakash has reached at the top in India by making more than 10,000 students successful in securing M.B.B.S. seats in various medical colleges through CBSE Jt. Entrance Exam., & other Medical entrance Exams. In 2008 alone our 1862 students were selected in var

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Name Admission officer
Contact No 033-22891758/59
Fax 033-22893501
Address 227, Anand Lok, 2nd Floor, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700020
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